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PRIVACY POLICY: Gutters For You, in order to demonstrate its commitment to the security and privacy of the information collected from users of its web and mobile channels, has developed the Privacy Policy.

INFORMATION WE COLLECT AND KEEP CUSTOMER: In services contracted with Gutters For You, users' personal data will be collected and stored on Gutters For You servers, such as: name, surname, address, telephone, date of birth and bank details / credit card credits. These data are the minimum necessary for the acquisition of payment of the invoices sent by our company. Other extra data can be requested, being at the discretion of each user, their information or not.
The payment and fulfillment data required for processing the transaction, as well as the user's credit card data, are not stored on Gutters For You servers.
In addition to the information received during the registration and payment procedures described above, there is also the receipt of information when the user contacts Gutters For You or responds to any of their surveys. This information will be part of the registration of each user.
All information collected is stored on servers, which obey strict standards of security, inviolability and reliability, in order to guarantee the privacy, privacy, honor and image of the users.
Personal data will only be made available to authorized employees who commit to comply with this privacy policy and are not shared publicly or used for purposes other than those originally proposed.
Except with the user's express, free and informed consent, Gutters For You will not provide third parties with personal information, connection registration and access to internet applications.
Users are responsible for the information they provide to Gutters For You, as well as for the consequences of their decisions.
To confirm registration and activate the account, the user will receive an email from Gutters For You.
By registering and confirming by email, the user expressly agrees with the collection, use, storage and processing of their personal data by Gutters For You.
When accessing the Gutters For You system for the first time, payment can be sent to the Gutters For You information security department, who can contact the user and request the details of the information.
After payment, the user will receive an email at the indicated address. Thus, it is very important that user data is always up to date on the Gutters For You website.
At the request of the user, Gutters For You will proceed to the permanent elimination of personal data, except in the case of mandatory custody.

Cookies are small pieces of text used to store information in web browsers. Cookies are used to store and receive identifiers and other information on computers, phones and other devices. Other technologies, including the data we store on your browser or device, identifiers associated with your device and other software are used for similar purposes.
Gutters For You uses cookies to help identify visitors and prevent, for example, the user's password being typed multiple times while using the site. The browser or device may have settings that allow the user to choose whether to set cookies or not and to delete them. Certain parts of the Gutters For You Services may not function properly if your browser's use of cookies is disabled.

Cancellation questions.
In case of regret, we inform you that it is not possible to request cancellation after the service has been delivered.
What is the deadline for reversing the canceled purchase?
The reversal of purchases made with a credit card is made on the card itself, being credited to the next or subsequent invoice, according to the closing date of your invoice. Debit purchases can vary from 30 days up to 20 business days after a chargeback request.
In case of cancellation or alteration of the service, Gutters For You will notify all customers through the email and telephone contact registered at the time of purchase, so it is very important to keep your registration always up to date and with the correct information.
In addition to the contact made by Gutters For You, the official announcement of the cancellation is usually made by email.

What happens if the service is canceled?
In case of cancellation or alteration of the service, Gutters For You contacts all registered customers and communicates what has happened.
For this it is essential that your registration data (phone and email) are updated in our database.
If the event is canceled, will I get my money back?
Yea! Don't worry, we will take care of your refund in such cases. All those who carry out services will be reimbursed. The refund on the card bill will follow

By using our website and applications, you agree to the Privacy Policy contained in this document. Other important information about the terms and conditions of use is available in the Policies or in our Help Center. If you still have any questions, Gutters For You requests that you contact us through the email

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